Business Services

Business-Specific Machines

Every business is unique than the other, and has different IT needs to keep it up and running. Whether you need a basic windows desktop for date entry or a powerful and portable windows laptop or MacBook to run your graphics and CAD software from, we can source or custom build a machine to suit your business needs.  Not sure what to get for your business? Fill out our Contact Us form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. We can arrange a meeting to discuss your business needs in person or over the phone.

Network Support

At E-Computing we understand the uniqueness of your business, and aim to deliver the best networking service possible.  Our experienced engineers work with you to assess your networking needs, fortify a network plan for your workspace and carry out installation and configurations as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on any important work.

Network Installations and Configuration

From configuring your network peripherals such as printers and network storage devices, to the installation of a secure network for your office – we cater all your networking needs.


Networks usually get slower over time, possibly due to faulty and bending wiring, or the lack of maintenance of the regulators and wireless routers.


With the growth of your business, your network system needs to be upgraded as well. A network system designed for 10 machines will surely slow down when powering up 50.


Printer not printing? Takes ages to send an email? Not to worry! With our remote access capabilities we can solve most of your technical glitches quicker than you waiting for an engineer’s visit.


Got a new IPad and no WIFI signals in the presentation room? We supply, install and configure High-Speed wireless router at your premises so you don’t lose the signal no matter where you are in your office.

Server Support We support various versions of windows server to help your business run smoothly day after day. Our expert technicians provide a high level of support and ensure your business has all the tools necessary to run securely and without you having to worry about anything. One of the most popular servers is the Windows Server 2012 r2, which we use with many of our clients. It is secure, tested and up to date - a true asset to your business.

Server Virtualization

Run multiple operating systems on a single server using the combined power of Windows server and Hyper – V.


Windows server 2012 uses high performance storage solutions, such as SAN and NAS, to provide you with continuously available network storage.


Single-server network management has never been easier. Collaborating with system center 2012 r2, you get an end-to-end network solution.

Server Management & Automation

From automating routine tasks using Windows Management framework to managing multiple servers through a single dashboard, Server 2012 r2 has various tools to make your business operations easier.

Web & Application Platform

A proven application development platform, Windows server 2012 r2 caters to thousands of developers and users on the cloud platform, premises or a hybrid that works on both platforms.

Information Protection

Customization levels of data visibility keeps your files secure and in control. You can also provide secure remote access to users and enable work files synchronization from their devices, even mobiles.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Fully functional and secure, Hyper-V enables virtual resources to be accessed across devices and platforms. Never has accessing your data been any easier remotely.